November 23, 2017
List the partition templates available for the first disk.
The partition templates available will depend on the OS selected and the disk type assigned.

Important manual pages:

Author: SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. <>

import SoftLayer
import json

# Your SoftLayer API username and key.

# Generate one at
API_KEY = 'Set-me'

# To get the valid list of description values use
# SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_OperatingSystem::getAllObjects method.
description = "linux"

client = SoftLayer.create_client_from_env(username=API_USERNAME, api_key=API_KEY)
packageService = client['SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_OperatingSystem']

objectMask = "mask[partitionTemplates[data]]"

    templates = packageService.getByDescription(description, mask=objectMask)
    print(json.dumps(templates, sort_keys=True, indent=2, separators=(',', ': ')))
except SoftLayer.SoftLayerAPIError as e:
    print("Unable to list the partition templates. \nfaultCode= %s, \nfaultString= %s"
          % (e.faultCode, e.faultString))


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