February 12, 2014

Place quote order

Retrieve an order object from a quote and place an order based on it
import SoftLayer
from pprint import pprint as pp
quote_id = 12345

client = SoftLayer.Client()

def getOrderContainer(quote_id):
    container = client['Billing_Order_Quote'].getRecalculatedOrderContainer(id=quote_id)
    return container['orderContainers'][0]
def getQuotes():
    quotes = client['SoftLayer_Account'].getActiveQuotes()

guests = {'hostname': 'quotetest', 'domain': 'example.com'}
container = getOrderContainer(quote_id)
container['quantity'] = 1
container['virtualGuests'] = []
# You will need to add a hostname and domain entry for each server on the order
# if quantity was 5, you would need to add 5 guests here
container['presetId'] = None
result = client['Billing_Order_Quote'].verifyOrder(container, id=quote_id)



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