This is the datatype that needs to be populated and sent to SoftLayer_Product_Order::placeOrder. This datatype has everything required to place an order with SoftLayer.



Flag for identifying an order for Big Data Deployment.
Type: boolean


Billing Information associated with an order. For existing customers this information is completely ignored. Do not send this information for existing customers.
Type: SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Billing_Information


This is the ID of the SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Item of this configuration/container. It is used for rebuilding an order container from a quote and is set automatically.
Type: int


Used to identify which category should be used for the boot disk.
Type: string


The mode used to boot the SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest. Supported values are ‘PV’ and ‘HVM’.
Type: string


Identifier of the SoftLayer_Virtual_Disk_Image to boot from.
Type: int


The URL to which PayPal redirects browser after checkout has been canceled before completion of a payment.
Type: string


Used to identify which items on an order belong in the same cluster.
Type: string


Indicates what type of cluster order is being placed (HA, Provision).
Type: string


Used to identify which gateway is being upgraded to HA.
Type: int


User-specified description to identify a particular order container. This is useful if you have a multi-configuration order (multiple orderContainers) and you want to be able to easily determine one from another. Populating this value may be helpful if an exception is thrown when placing an order and it’s tied to a specific order container.
Type: string


This hash is internally-generated and is used to for tracking order containers.
Type: string


The currency type chosen at checkout.
Type: string


Device Fingerprint Identifier - Optional.
Type: string


This has been deprecated. It is the identifier used to track configurations in legacy order forms.
Type: string



Array of disk drive slot categories to destroy on reclaim. For example: [‘disk0’, ‘disk1’, ‘disk2’]. One drive_destruction price must be included for each slot provided. Note that once the initial order or upgrade order are approved, the destruction property is not removable and the drives will be destroyed at the end of the server’s lifecycle. Not all drive slots are required, but all can be provided.
Type: string[]


Type: boolean


The SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price for the Flexible Credit Program discount. The oneTimeFee field contains the calculated discount being applied to the order.
Type: SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price


This flag indicates that the customer consented to the GDPR terms for the quote.
Type: boolean


For orders that contain servers (bare metal, virtual server, big data, etc.), the hardware property is required. This property is an array of SoftLayer_Hardware objects. The hostname and domain properties are required for each hardware object. Note that virtual server (SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Virtual_Guest) orders may populate this field instead of the virtualGuests property.
Type: SoftLayer_Hardware[]


Identifier of SoftLayer_Virtual_DedicatedHost to order
Type: int


An optional virtual disk image template identifier to be used as an installation base for a computing instance order
Type: string


An optional virtual disk image template identifier to be used as an installation base for a computing instance order
Type: int


Flag to identify a “managed” order. This value is set internally.
Type: int


The collection of SoftLayer_Container_Product_Item_Category_Question_Answer for any product category that has additional questions requiring user input.
Type: SoftLayer_Container_Product_Item_Category_Question_Answer[]


The SoftLayer_Location_Region keyname or specific SoftLayer_Location_Datacenter id where the order should be provisioned. If this value is provided and the regionalGroup property is also specified, an exception will be thrown indicating that only 1 is allowed.
Type: string


This SoftLayer_Location object will be determined from the location property and will be returned in the order verification or placement response. Any value specified here will get overwritten by the verification process.
Type: SoftLayer_Location


A generic message about the order. Does not need to be sent in with any orders.
Type: string


Id used with the monitoring package. (Deprecated)
Type: int



Orders may contain an array of configurations. Populating this property allows you to purchase multiple configurations within a single order. Each order container will have its own individual settings independent of the other order containers. For example, it is possible to order a bare metal server in one configuration and a virtual server in another.

If orderContainers is populated on the base order container, most of the configuration-specific properties are ignored on the base container. For example, prices, location and packageId will be ignored on the base container, but since the billingInformation is a property that’s not specific to a single order container (but the order as a whole) it must be populated on the base container.

Type: SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order[]


This is deprecated and does not do anything.
Type: string[]


Collection of exceptions resulting from the verification of the order. This value is set internally and is not required for end users when placing an order. When placing API orders, users can use this value to determine the container-specific exception that was thrown.
Type: SoftLayer_Container_Exception[]


The SoftLayer_Product_Package id for an order container. This is required to place an order.
Type: int


The Payment Type is Optional. If nothing is sent in, then the normal method of payment will be used. For paypal customers, this means a paypalToken will be returned in the receipt. This token is to be used on the paypal website to complete the order. For Credit Card customers, the card on file in our system will be used to make an initial authorization. To force the order to use a payment type, use one of the following: CARD_ON_FILE or PAYPAL
Type: string


The post-tax recurring charge for the order. This is the sum of preTaxRecurring + totalRecurringTax.
Type: decimal


The post-tax recurring hourly charge for the order. Since taxes are not calculated for hourly orders, this value will be the same as preTaxRecurringHourly.
Type: decimal


The post-tax recurring monthly charge for the order. This is the sum of preTaxRecurringMonthly + totalRecurringTax.
Type: decimal


The post-tax setup fees of the order. This is the sum of preTaxSetup + totalSetupTax;
Type: decimal


The pre-tax recurring total of the order. If there are mixed monthly and hourly prices on the order, this will be the sum of preTaxRecurringHourly and preTaxRecurringMonthly.
Type: decimal


The pre-tax hourly recurring total of the order. If there are only monthly prices on the order, this value will be 0.
Type: decimal


The pre-tax monthly recurring total of the order. If there are only hourly prices on the order, this value will be 0.
Type: decimal


The pre-tax setup fee total of the order.
Type: decimal


If there are any presale events available for an order, this value will be populated. It is set internally and is not required for end users when placing an order. See SoftLayer_Sales_Presale_Event for more info.
Type: SoftLayer_Sales_Presale_Event


A preset configuration id for the package. Is required if not submitting any prices.
Type: int


This is a collection of SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price objects. The only required property to populate for an item price object when ordering is its id - all other supplied information about the price (e.g., recurringFee, setupFee, etc.) will be ignored. Unless the SoftLayer_Product_Package associated with the order allows for preset prices, this property is required to place an order.
Type: SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price[]


The id of a SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template. This property is optional. If no partition template is provided, a default will be used according to the operating system chosen with the order. Using the SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_OperatingSystem service, getPartitionTemplates will return those available for the particular operating system.
Type: int


Priorities to set on replication set servers.
Type: string[]


Flag for identifying a container as Virtual Server (Private Node).
Type: boolean


Type of Virtual Server (Private Node) order. Potential values: INITIAL, ADDHOST, ADDIPS, ADDZONE
Type: string


When ordering Virtual Server (Private Node), this variable specifies the role of the server configuration. (Deprecated)
Type: string


Optional promotion code for an order.
Type: string


The Prorated Initial Charge plus the balance on the account. Only the recurring fees are prorated. Here’s how the calculation works: We take the postTaxRecurring value and we prorate it based on the time between now and the next bill date for this account. After this, we add in the setup fee since this is not prorated. Then, if there is a balance on the account, we add that to the account. In the event that there is a credit balance on the account, we will subtract this amount from the order total. If the credit balance on the account is greater than the prorated initial charge, the order will go through without a charge to the credit card on the account or requiring a paypal payment. The credit on the account will be reduced by the order total, and the order will await approval from sales, as normal. If there is a pending order already in the system, We will ignore the balance on the account completely, in the calculation of the initial charge. This is to protect against two orders coming into the system and getting the benefit of a credit balance, or worse, both orders being charged the order amount + the balance on the account.
Type: decimal


This is the same as the proratedInitialCharge, except the balance on the account is ignored. This is the prorated total amount of the order.
Type: decimal


The URLs for scripts to execute on their respective servers after they have been provisioned. Provision scripts are not available for Microsoft Windows servers.
Type: string[]


The quantity of the item being ordered
Type: int


A custom name to be assigned to the quote.
Type: string


Specifying a regional group name allows you to not worry about placing your server or service at a specific datacenter, but to any datacenter within that regional group. See SoftLayer_Location_Group_Regional to get a list of available regional group names.

location and regionalGroup are mutually exclusive on an order container. If both location and regionalGroup are provided, an exception will be thrown indicating that only 1 is allowed.

If a regional group is provided and VLANs are specified (within the hardware or virtualGuests properties), we will use the datacenter where the VLANs are located. If no VLANs are specified, we will use the preferred datacenter on the regional group object.

Type: string


Used to identify which device the new server should be attached to.
Type: int


An optional resource group identifier specifying the resource group to attach the order to
Type: int


This variable specifies the name of the resource group the server configuration belongs to. For MongoDB Replica sets, it would be the replica set name.
Type: string


An optional resource group template identifier to be used as a deployment base for a Virtual Server (Private Node) order.
Type: int


The URL to which PayPal redirects browser after a payment is completed.
Type: string


This flag indicates that the quote should be sent to the email address associated with the account or order.
Type: boolean


The number of cores for the server being ordered. This value is set internally.
Type: int


The token of a requesting service. Do not set.
Type: string


An optional computing instance identifier to be used as an installation base for a computing instance order
Type: int


The containers which hold SoftLayer_Security_Ssh_Key IDs to add to their respective servers. The order of containers passed in needs to match the order they are assigned to either hardware or virtualGuests. SSH Keys will not be assigned for servers with Microsoft Windows.
Type: SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_SshKeys[]


An optional parameter for step-based order processing.
Type: int


For orders that want to add storage groups such as RAID across multiple disks, simply add SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Storage_Group objects to this array. Storage groups will only be used if the ‘RAID’ disk controller price is selected. Any other disk controller types will ignore the storage groups set here.

The first storage group in this array will be considered the primary storage group, which is used for the OS. Any other storage groups will act as data storage.

Type: SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Storage_Group[]


tags (used in MongoDB deployments). (Deprecated)
Type: SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Property[]


The order container may not contain the final tax rates when it is returned from SoftLayer_Product_Order::verifyOrder. This hash will facilitate checking if the tax rates have finished being calculated and retrieving the accurate tax rate values.
Type: string


Flag to indicate if the order container has the final tax rates for the order. Some tax rates are calculated in the background because they take longer, and they might not be finished when the container is returned from SoftLayer_Product_Order::verifyOrder.
Type: boolean


The SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price for the Tech Incubator discount. The oneTimeFee field contain the calculated discount being applied to the order.
Type: SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price


The total tax portion of the recurring fees.
Type: decimal


The tax amount of the setup fees.
Type: decimal


This is a collection of SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price objects which will be used when the service offering being ordered generates usage. This is a read-only property. Setting this property will not change the order.
Type: SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price[]


An optional flag to use hourly pricing instead of standard monthly pricing.
Type: boolean


For virtual guest (virtual server) orders, this property is required if you did not specify data in the hardware property. This is an array of SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest objects. The hostname and domain properties are required for each virtual guest object. There is no need to specify data in this property and the hardware property - only one is required for virtual server orders.
Type: SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest[]