The SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_ResourceRecord data type represents a single resource record entry in a SoftLayer hosted domain. Each resource record contains a ‘‘host’’ and ‘‘data’’ property, defining a resource’s name and it’s target data. Domains contain multiple types of resource records. The ‘’type’’ property separates out resource records by type. ‘‘Type’’ can take one of the following values:

As ‘‘SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_ResourceRecord’’ objects are created and loaded, the API verifies the ‘’type’’ property and casts the object as the appropriate type.



The value of a domain’s resource record. This can be an IP address or a hostname. Fully qualified host and domain name data must end with the “.” character.
Type: string


An identifier belonging to the domain that a resource record is associated with.
Type: int


The amount of time in seconds that a secondary name server (or servers) will hold a zone before it is no longer considered authoritative.
Type: int


The host defined by a resource record. A value of “@” denotes a wildcard.
Type: string


A domain resource record’s internal identifier.
Type: int


The amount of time in seconds that a domain’s resource records are valid. This is also known as a minimum TTL, and can be overridden by an individual resource record’s TTL.
Type: int


Useful in cases where a domain has more than one mail exchanger, the priority property is the priority of the MTA that delivers mail for a domain. A lower number denotes a higher priority, and mail will attempt to deliver through that MTA before moving to lower priority mail servers. Priority is defaulted to 10 upon resource record creation.
Type: int


The amount of time in seconds that a secondary name server should wait to check for a new copy of a DNS zone from the domain’s primary name server. If a zone file has changed then the secondary DNS server will update it’s copy of the zone to match the primary DNS server’s zone.
Type: int


The email address of the person responsible for a domain, with the “@” replaced with a “.”. For instance, if is responsible for, then’s SOA responsibility is “”.
Type: string


The amount of time in seconds that a domain’s primary name server (or servers) should wait if an attempt to refresh by a secondary name server failed before attempting to refresh a domain’s zone with that secondary name server again.
Type: int


The Time To Live value of a resource record, measured in seconds. TTL is used by a name server to determine how long to cache a resource record. An SOA record’s TTL value defines the domain’s overall TTL.
Type: int


A domain resource record’s type. A value of “a” denotes an A (address) record, “aaaa” denotes an AAAA (IPv6 address) record, “cname” denotes a CNAME (canonical name) record, “mx” denotes an MX (mail exchanger) record, “ns” denotes an NS (nameserver) record, “ptr” denotes a PTR (pointer/reverse) record, “soa” denotes the SOA (start of authority) record, “spf” denotes a SPF (sender policy framework) record, and “txt” denotes a TXT (text) record. A domain record’s type also denotes which class in the SoftLayer API is a best match for extending a resource record.
Type: string



The domain that a resource record belongs to.
Type: SoftLayer_Dns_Domain