The SoftLayer_Ticket_Status data type models the state of a ticket as it is worked by SoftLayer and its customers. Tickets exist in one of three states: *‘‘‘OPEN’’’: Open tickets are considered unresolved issues by SoftLayer and can be assigned to a SoftLayer employee for work. Tickets created by portal or API users are created in the Open state. *‘‘‘ASSIGNED’’’: Assigned tickets are identical to open tickets, but are assigned to an individual SoftLayer employee. An assigned ticket is actively being worked by SoftLayer. *‘‘‘CLOSED’’’: Tickets are closed when the issue at hand is considered resolved. A SoftLayer employee can change a ticket’s status from Closed to Open or Assigned if the need arises.

A ticket usually goes from the Open to Assigned to Closed states during its life cycle. If a ticket is forwarded from one department to another it may change from the Assigned state back to Open until it is assigned to a member of the new department.



A ticket status’ internal identifier.
Type: int


A ticket status’ name.
Type: string