This method retrieves the Flexible Credit Program information for your account.


This method will return a [[SoftLayer_Container_Account_Discount_Program]] object containing the Flexible Credit Program information for this account. To be considered an active participant, the account must have an enrollment record with a monthly credit amount set and the current date must be within the range defined by the enrollment and graduation date. The forNextBillCycle parameter can be set to true to return a SoftLayer_Container_Account_Discount_Program object with information with relation to the next bill cycle. The forNextBillCycle parameter defaults to false. Please note that all discount amount entries are reported as pre-tax amounts and the legacy tax fields in the [[SoftLayer_Container_Account_Discount_Program]] are deprecated.


Name Type Description
forNextBillCycle boolean <<< EOT

Required Headers

  • authenticate

Return Values

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