This method manually starts a synchronize operation for the current IBMid-authenticated user population of a linked account pair. “Manually” means “independent of an account link operation”.



Name Type Description
skipIbmidLookupFlag boolean True if we decide to skip IBMid lookup during user sync, False otherwise. (optional)

Required Headers

  • authenticate

Return Values

  • void

Error Handling

  • Throws

SoftLayer_Exception_Public, ‘Only Employees or Account master users may manually sync existing user populations.', if the active user is not an Employee or the master user of the account.

  • Throws

SoftLayer_Exception_Public, ‘Account must be linked before user population can be synced.', if the account attempting to be synced is not linked.

  • Throws

SoftLayer_Exception_Public, ‘There was an error syncing users in this account.', if an error is encountered during the execution of the user sync