Creates or updates a user VPN access privileges for a server on account.


Some larger SoftLayer customer accounts may have servers and virtual servers on more subnets than SoftLayer's private network VPN devices can assign routes for. In those cases routes for individual servers and virtual servers may be assigned individually to an account's servers via this method.

Always call this method to enable changes when manually configuring VPN subnet access.


Name Type Description
objectId integer The unique identifier of the hardware or computing instance you are allowing VPN access to.
objectType string The string “SoftLayer_Hardware” or “SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest” that denotes if you are allowing VPN access for a physical server or a computing instance.

Required Headers

  • authenticate

Return Values

  • boolean

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “Unable to instantiate ‘‘objectType’’ with an ID of ‘‘objectId’'.” if the API is unable to locate the server or virtual server that you wish to add VPN routes to.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “Unknown object type parameter (‘‘objectType’').” if objectType is a string other than “SoftLayer_Hardware” or “SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest”.