Set the associated billing item for an orphan billing item.


Set an associated billing item to an orphan billing item. Associations allow you to tie an “orphaned” billing item, any non-server billing item that doesn’t have a parent item such as secondary IP subnets or StorageLayer accounts, to a server billing item. You may only set an association for an orphan to a server. You cannot associate a server to an orphan if the either the server or orphan billing items have a cancellation date set.


Name Type Description
associatedId integer the billing item to associate to this item

Required Headers

  • authenticate
  • SoftLayer_Billing_ItemInitParameters

Return Values

  • boolean

Associated Methods

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “This billing item is not an orphan billing item.” if the current billing item has a parent item or already has an association defined.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “There was a problem fetching data for the associated billing Item ([associatedId])” if the SoftLayer API is unable to locate the billing item you wish to associate.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “You may only associate orphan billing items to server billing items. You chose a [categoryCode] billing item.” if the billing item you’re attempting to associate is not a server billing item.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “You may not associate to this billing item ($associatedId) as it is scheduled for cancellation.” if the associated billing item has a cancellationDate set.