Activate a server’s private network interface.


Activate a server’s private network interface to the maximum available speed. This operation is an alias for SoftLayer_Hardware_Server::setPrivateNetworkInterfaceSpeed with a $newSpeed of -1 and a $redundancy of “redundant” or unspecified (which results in the best available redundancy state).

Receipt of a response does not indicate completion of the configuration change. Any subsequent attempts to request the interface change speed or state, while changes are pending, will result in a busy error.

A response of true indicates a change was required to activate the interface; thus changes are pending. A response of false indicates the interface was already active, and thus no changes are pending.



Required Headers

Optional Headers

  • None

Return Values

  • boolean

Error Handling

  • Throws If the requested network is not available to the server
  • Throws If a change, not necessarily a speed change, is pending against the server
  • Throws If the server is not yet available for interface speed changes
  • Throws If the user requesting the change lacks the Port Control permission

Associated Methods