Remove a Subnet from the Network


Provide a Subnet template containing the following properties: * networkIdentifier * cidr The networkIdentifier must represent an IP address within that specified by the Network. The cidr must be an integer between 24 and 29, inclusive, and represent a subnet size smaller than the Network’s. The networkIdentifier/cidr must represent a valid subnet specification. Or: * id The id must identify a Subnet in the Network. If the id is provided, the networkIdentifier/cidr will be ignored.

Subnets may only be removed when no compute resources are utilizing them.


Name Type Description
subnet SoftLayer_Network_Subnet Subnet to be deleted

Required Headers

  • authenticate
  • SoftLayer_NetworkInitParameters

Return Values

  • boolean

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_NotFound

<<< EOT

  • SoftLayer_Exception_NotReady

<<< EOT