Create a CDN FTP user record


This method allows you to create a default CDN FTP user record on the server. As with a CDN FTP user account, you can upload contents to the CDN host server through the SoftLayer private network. SoftLayer currently allows only one FTP user for each CDN account. Your default CDN FTP user record is created upon successful creation of a CDN account. You may not need to use this method at all. This is provided in support of the previous CDN customers. SoftLayer may offer multiple CDN FTP users for a single CDN account in the future.

Optionally, you can provide a new password when invoking this method and a new password must follow the rules below: * …must be between 8 and 20 characters long * …must be an alphanumeric value * …can contain these characters: - _ ! % # $ ^ & *


Name Type Description
newPassword string If a new password was not provided, it will be auto-generated

Required Headers

  • authenticate
  • SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_AccountInitParameters

Return Values

  • boolean

Associated Methods

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throws an exception if a user does not have CDN_FILE_MANAGE privilege.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throws an exception If a user tries to create another CDN FTP account.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throws an exception if a new password does not follow the password rule.