Returns CDN FTP login credentials


This method returns your login credentials to the CDN FTP server ( server). You must have CDN_FILE_MANAGE privilege. Refer to the service overview of [[SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_Account::createFtpUser|createFtpUser]] method for more information on the CDN FTP server.

If you want to download raw log files, prefix the username with “LOGS-” (without quotes) when logging in. SoftLayer designed CDN accounts so they can have multiple CDN FTP users. However, this method returns the default CDN FTP user information: multi user support may be implemented in the future.


Name Type Description

Required Headers

  • authenticate
  • SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_AccountInitParameters

Return Values

Associated Methods

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throws an exception if a user does not have CDN_FILE_MANAGE privilege.

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throws an exception if a CDN account is disabled.