(DEPRECATED) Creates a managed authentication token


This method is deprecated! Use the [[SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_Authentication_Token::getTimedToken|getTimedToken]] method.

This method creates a managed authentication token. When passing a parameter, the only required value is your CDN account id which can be obtained from the [[SoftLayer_Account::getCdnAccounts|getCdnAccounts]] method. There are 3 optional parameters you can pass:

  • name - This helps you keep track of managed tokens.
  • referrer - If set, the token validation will check the client’s referrer. Keep in mind, if a client doesn’t have the referrer information, the token validation will fail.
  • clientIp - If set, the token validation will check the client’s IP address.


Name Type Description
templateObject SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_Authentication_Token The SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_Authentication_Token object that you wish to create.

Required Headers

  • authenticate

Optional Headers

  • SoftLayer_Network_ContentDelivery_Authentication_TokenObjectMask
  • SoftLayer_ObjectMask

Return Values