Returns a breakdown of all attacks on all subnets owned by this account.


This method returns specific attacks by name for all subnets on the current user's account.

The data returned is stored in SoftLayer_Container_Network_IntrusionProtection_SubnetReport objects, with the “subnet” value set to “All Subnets”

The data is separated into “Inbound” and “Outbound” traffic. A significant amount of outbound attack traffic could indicate that your servers have been compromised.

The data returned includes Attack Count, attack name, extended attack description, and IDs that correspond with the BugTraq or CVE databases. BugTraq can be accessed at [] The CVE database is located at []

For more detailed information, use the getReportForIpAddressOrSubnet method


Name Type Description
timeFrame integer (optional) number of minutes back to search from the present (default 60)
orderBy string (optional) valid values are AttackName, SourceIp, AttackCount, Classification, Protocol, Platform (default AttackCount)
orderDirection string (optional) either ASC or DESC (Default DESC)
returnSubnetGroups boolean (optional) Set to true if you want individual subnet groups in addition to the “all subnets” group.

Required Headers

  • authenticate

Return Values

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public

Throw the exception “Could not retrieve Account ID in SoftLayer_Network_TippingPointReporting getSubnetReportForEntireAccount” if the current user's account ID could not be retrieved.