Get the VLANs that are available during ordering


Return collections of public and private VLANs that are available during ordering. If a location ID is provided, the resulting VLANs will be limited to that location. If the Virtual Server package id (46) is provided, the VLANs will be narrowed down to those locations that contain routers with the VIRTUAL_IMAGE_STORE data attribute.

For the selectedItems parameter, this is a comma-separated string of category codes and item values. For example:

  • port_speed=10,guest_disk0=LOCAL_DISK

  • port_speed=100,disk0=SAN_DISK

  • port_speed=100,private_network_only=1,guest_disk0=LOCAL_DISK

This parameter is used to narrow the available results down even further. It’s not necessary when selecting a VLAN, but it will help avoid errors when attempting to place an order. The only acceptable category codes are:

  • port_speed

  • A disk category, such as guest_disk0 or disk0, with values of either LOCAL_DISK or SAN_DISK

  • private_network_only

  • dual_path_network

For most customers, it’s sufficient to only provide the first 2 parameters.


Name Type Description
locationId int Narrow the VLANs down by this datacenter. This value should match the datacenter selected for the order container.
packageId int Optional, but recommended package id for the order container.
selectedItems string A string of existing items selected on the order - see the method overview for more details.
vlanIds int[] If provided, the results will be limited to these VLANs.
subnetIds int[] If provided, the results will be limited to VLANs that contain these subnets.
accountId int For authenticated users, this optional parameter will be ignored.
orderContainer SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order Optionally filter VLANs relating to the prices specified on the order container.
hardwareFirewallOrderedFlag boolean Provided when ordering a hardware firewall, will cause results to exclude inside VLANs and VLANs w/ dedicated firewall attached

Required Headers

Optional Headers

  • None

Return Values

curl -g -u $SL_USER:$SL_APIKEY -X POST -d '{"parameters": [int, int, string, int, int, int, SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order, boolean]}' \