Create an upgrade request ticket for the SoftLayer sales team.


Create a ticket for the SoftLayer sales team to perform a hardware or service upgrade. Our sales team will work with you on upgrade feasibility and pricing and then send the upgrade ticket to the proper department to perform the actual upgrade. Service affecting upgrades, such as server hardware or CloudLayer Computing Instance upgrades that require the server powered down must have a two hour maintenance specified for our datacenter engineers to perform your upgrade. Account level upgrades, such as adding PPTP VPN users, CDNLayer accounts, and monitoring services are processed much faster and do not require a maintenance window.


Name Type Description
attachmentId int An optional hardware identifier if your upgrade request is related to a specific resource(server, vsi, firewall, etc..) on your account.
genericUpgrade string A brief description of what you wish to upgrade or add to your account. Descriptions like “CPU”, “RAM”, “RAID cards”, “PPTP VPN users”, and “StorageLayer”.
upgradeMaintenanceWindow string If your upgrade is service affecting then please provide an appropriate two hour maintenance window in which SoftLayer’s staff can upgrade your server.
details string A detailed description of the the server or account upgrade you wish to perform.
attachmentType enum
  • NONE
title string A custom ticket title

Required Headers

Optional Headers

Return Values

Error Handling

  • Throw the exception “Unable to open an upgrade ticket on hardware id <$attachmentId>” when the given hardware or CloudLayer Computing Instance id does not exist or if the user accessing the API doesn’t have access to that piece of hardware or instance.
  • Throw the exception “Please provide an upgrade maintenance window.” when a maintenace window is not provided.
  • Throw the exception “Please provide upgrade details.” when upgrade details are not provided.
curl -g -u $SL_USER:$SL_APIKEY -X POST -d '{"parameters": [int, string, string, string, enum, string]}' \