Edit or update a SoftLayer ticket.


Edit a SoftLayer ticket. The edit method is two-fold. You may either edit a ticket itself, add an update to a ticket, attach up to two files to a ticket, or perform all of these tasks. The SoftLayer API ignores changes made to the ‘‘userEditableFlag’’ and ‘‘accountId’’ properties. You may not assign a ticket to a user that your API account does not have access to. You may not enter a custom title for standard support tickets, buy may do so when editing an administrative ticket. Finally, you may not close a ticket using this method. Please contact SoftLayer if you need a ticket closed.

If you need to only add an update to a ticket then please use the SoftLayer_Ticket::addUpdate method. The edit method exists as a convenience if you need to perform all these tasks at once.


Name Type Description
templateObject SoftLayer_Ticket A skeleton [[SoftLayer_Ticket (type)
contents string The contents of the first update of the ticket. This is typically the ticket’s problem description.
attachedFiles SoftLayer_Container_Utility_File_Attachment[] An array of no more than two files to attach to your ticket.

Required Headers

  • authenticate
  • SoftLayer_TicketInitParameters

Optional Headers

  • SoftLayer_TicketObjectMask
  • SoftLayer_ObjectMask

Return Values

Associated Methods

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception

Throw the exception “Please provide a subject when creating a standard support ticket.” If the $templateObject parameter does not have a subjectId set. See [[SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject]] for more information.

  • SoftLayer_Exception

Throw the exception “Please provide ticket update contents.” if no update contents are provided to the method.

  • SoftLayer_Exception

Throw the exception “You may not attach more than two files when updating a ticket.” If the ‘‘attachedFiles’’ parameter contains more than two files.