Perform an external authentication using the given authentication container.


The perform external authentication method will authenticate the given external authentication container with an external vendor. The authentication container and its contents will be verified before an attempt is made to authenticate the contents of the container with an external vendor.


Name Type Description
authenticationContainer SoftLayer_Container_User_Customer_External_Binding The authentication container with the external authentication information.

Required Headers

Optional Headers

  • None

Return Values

Error Handling

  • Throw the error “Your credential has become out of synchronization. Please supply a second security code.” if the given credential is out of synchronization.
  • Throw the error “Invalid login credentials provided.” when you have provide incorrect authentication information.
curl -g -u $SL_USER:$SL_APIKEY -X POST -d '{"parameters": [SoftLayer_Container_User_Customer_External_Binding]}' \