Create new computing instances


createObjects() enables the creation of multiple computing instances on an account in a single call. This method is a simplified alternative to interacting with the ordering system directly.

In order to create a computing instance a set of template objects must be sent in with a few required values.

Warning: Computing instances created via this method will incur charges on your account.

See SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::createObject for specifics on the requirements of each template object.


curl -X POST -d '{ "parameters":[ [ { "hostname": "host1", "domain": "", "startCpus": 1, "maxMemory": 1024, "hourlyBillingFlag": true, "localDiskFlag": true, "operatingSystemReferenceCode": "UBUNTU_LATEST" }, { "hostname": "host2", "domain": "", "startCpus": 1, "maxMemory": 1024, "hourlyBillingFlag": true, "localDiskFlag": true, "operatingSystemReferenceCode": "UBUNTU_LATEST" } ] ] }' HTTP/1.1 200 OK

[ { “accountId”: 232298, “createDate”: “2012-11-30T23:56:48-06:00”, “dedicatedAccountHostOnlyFlag”: false, “domain”: “”, “hostname”: “ubuntu1”, “id”: 1301456, “lastPowerStateId”: null, “lastVerifiedDate”: null, “maxCpu”: 1, “maxCpuUnits”: “CORE”, “maxMemory”: 1024, “metricPollDate”: null, “modifyDate”: null, “privateNetworkOnlyFlag”: false, “startCpus”: 1, “statusId”: 1001, “globalIdentifier”: “fed4c822-48c0-45d0-85e2-90476aa0c542” }, { “accountId”: 232298, “createDate”: “2012-11-30T23:56:49-06:00”, “dedicatedAccountHostOnlyFlag”: false, “domain”: “”, “hostname”: “ubuntu2”, “id”: 1301457, “lastPowerStateId”: null, “lastVerifiedDate”: null, “maxCpu”: 1, “maxCpuUnits”: “CORE”, “maxMemory”: 1024, “metricPollDate”: null, “modifyDate”: null, “privateNetworkOnlyFlag”: false, “startCpus”: 1, “statusId”: 1001, “globalIdentifier”: “bed4c686-9562-4ade-9049-dc4d5b6b200c” } ]


Name Type Description
templateObjects SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest[] An array of SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest objects that you wish to create.

Required Headers

Optional Headers

Return Values

Associated Methods

curl -g -u $SL_USER:$SL_APIKEY -X POST -d '{"parameters": [SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest]}' \