Release Note

October 12, 2015


  • Fixed an issue with some Object Storage accounts not being listed properly
  • Fixed an issue where some ticket attachments were not getting uploaded.
  • Adds restrictions on ordering a server in the India DC. More Information
  • Fixed creation of billing item for managed resources that require a transfer price
  • Eliminates false errors from being thrown during bandwidth usage polling
  • Fixes No-OS rescue transactions from failing. No-OS rescues now default to a Linux rescue environment. There will be a future issue to allow customers to choose between Linux and Windows rescues environments for No-OS rescues.


  • Fixed an issue with ticket routing for branded account upgrades
  • Correct issue wherein secondary subnets were not being configured on inside VLANs when unrouted from a Gateway Device
  • Reverted restrictions on user creation added in the 2010-10-07 release.