Release Note

December 21, 2015


  • Introduced the Account Defined Networking option on customer order forms. The Customer Defined Network product is currently in beta and not available on all SoftLayer accounts.
  • Replaced the old SOC2 report with the new one for period November 1, 2014 through October 31, 2015.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Notifications to show an empty list of impacted devices.


  • The SoftLayer_Account_MasterServiceAgreement::getPdf() method is deprecated. It is recommended to replace its use with the new SoftLayer_Account_MasterServiceAgreement::getFile method.
  • Published the API for services and concepts introduced by Customer Defined Networks to SLDN. The Customer Defined Network product is currently in beta and not available on all SoftLayer accounts.
    • SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network
      • added service for SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network
      • added property for SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network::network
      • added property for SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network::publicVlans
      • added property for SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network::subnets
    • SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network_Subnet
      • added property for SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network_Subnet::routerHostname
    • SoftLayer_Product_Order
      • added method for SoftLayer_Product_Order::getNetworks
    • SoftLayer_Network
      • added service for SoftLayer_Network
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::createObject
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::createSubnet
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::deleteObject
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::deleteSubnet
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::editObject
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::getAllObjects
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network::getObject
    • SoftLayer_Network_Pod
      • added service for SoftLayer_Network_Pod
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network_Pod::getAllObjects
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network_Pod::getCapabilities
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network_Pod::getObject
      • added method for SoftLayer_Network_Pod::listCapabilities
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet
      • added property for SoftLayer_Network_Subnet::podName
    • SoftLayer_Network_Vlan
      • added property for SoftLayer_Network_Vlan::network