Release Note

February 22, 2016


  • Resolved an issue that was preventing orders from completing on accounts with Account Defined Networking enabled.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing order quotes from being properly saved for later use.
  • Removed the TLS_X cipher option for SSL Offloading on Load Balancers in the customer portal. Furthermore, any attempts to configure TLS_X through the API will now result in a NotSupported exception.
  • Improved Cancellation Error Messaging for Already Canceled Services.



  • Fixed an issue with checking user status for users connected to the SoftLayer VPN when making SOAP calls to the API.
  • Created a process that will allow users to authenticate via SAML even if they don’t exist in in the customer portal yet. Upon login the new user will be created automatically. To assign permissions the user will need to provide a roles attribute with the SAML token.
  • Enabled SAML on all Customer accounts.