Release Note

February 7, 2018


  • Allow customers to suppress order emails


  • Exception message should mention ‘.. to change a user link’ instead of ‘to edit a user’ when resetOpenIdConnectLink is called
  • Exception message should mention ‘Access Denied. Only the Master user..’ instead of ‘Account 1234 is authenticated by IBMid…’ when resetOpenIdConnectLink is called for subuser
  • Validator added for bare metal servers orders that use the userData field, the allowed length is 2000 characters.
  • Update getCreateObjectOptions to return Spot options
  • Child user is now unable to delete his/her own Phone Factor authentication using the APIs
  • A bootMode property is added to the SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Virtual_Guest class to allow customers to specify the mode the VSI should be booted in. A bootMode property is also added to SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest_SupplementalCreateObjectOptions so that the boot mode can be specified during when calling SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::createObject. The data will be verified and the customer informed if they have submitted an invalid boot mode.
  • Added the ability to getAllObjects on SoftLayer_Network_Storage_Allowed_Host using objectFilters and objectMask


  • Fixed an issue where fixed configuration preset orders are verified but the preset is not entirely available yet provides more information about why it is failing to verify the order.
  • Enable the Security Group feature in Dal01, Lon06, and Sea01.
  • Support new VSI type called Spot
  • Improve the audit log functionality of security groups.
  • Modified provisioning to use boot mode provided by customer.
  • When downgrading the CPU on a Guest with a Dedicated Host, the Guest Type is no longer overwritten as Public Guest
  • Fix Storage As A Service orders validation which was previously accepting orders that did not conform to product business rules
  • Fix bug that would delay the completion of an hourly volume reclaim process because it would create an unnecessary process instance.
  • Adds complex password support for EVault. New passwords will be 12 characters long and contain special characters