Release Note

March 9, 2018


  • None


  • Add new account attribute type ‘NEW_ASSIGN_NETWORK_ENABLED’
  • Updates the simple ordering methods, createObject and getCreateObjectOptions, to properly handle ordering suspend-able virtual servers.


  • Addresses a problem where SoftLayer_Network_Storage::enableSnapshots() wasn’t working properly for Weekly snapshot schedules.
  • Block public image creation when incorrect location data is sent in.
  • Removed trailing and ending spaces from ipAddressRestriction value before creating a user.
  • Added try/catch block to Virtual Guest workflow in reclaim guest to catch exception where a Scale Group tries to provision a VSI to meet the member requirement when a VSI is reclaimed (causing the Scale Group to drop below the minimum). After catching the exception, the Scale Group is suspended, a ticket is created, and the VSI reclaim is continued.
  • Now disabling IBMid authentication when SAML authentication is added to an account.
  • Create transaction path for Brocade rename to At&t.
  • Updates the post install script transaction