Release Note

April 26, 2018


  • Add boot mode to order forms when provisioning a public vsi.
  • Adds order form validation for the VLAN and SSH Key selection for just HSM.
  • Remove the “Save As Quote” option from the order forms when the order has products that are not currently quotable.
  • Foreign language usability updates to WWW order forms


  • Fixed the bug where the following services are returning tickets to which the current user doesn’t have access. This change only affect child users without the “Ticket View All” permission.
    • SoftLayer_Account::getTicketsClosedToday
    • SoftLayer_Account::getTicketsClosedInTheLastThreeDays
    • SoftLayer_Account::getLastFiveClosedTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getLastFiveClosedAbuseTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getOpenAbuseTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getClosedAbuseTicketCount
    • SoftLayer_Account::getRecentAbuseTicketsOpen
    • SoftLayer_Account::getRecentAbuseTicketsClosed
    • SoftLayer_Account::getLastFiveClosedAccountingTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getOpenAccountingTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getOpenBillingTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getLastFiveClosedSalesTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getOpenSalesTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getLastFiveClosedSupportTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getOpenSupportTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getLastFiveClosedOtherTickets
    • SoftLayer_Account::getOpenOtherTickets
  • Adding in missing and fixing incorrect validation for Mass Data Migration orders. Fixing bug where billing item was showing $0 for MDMS orders.
  • Several improvements to LUN ID logic:
    1. Improved error message when trying to change a LUN ID; e.g. “SoftLayerAPIError(SoftLayer_Exception_Network_Storage_Iscsi_UnableToChangeLunId): Unable to change LUN Id: active authorizations must be removed first: SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest/50202410”
    2. When there is a LUN ID conflict and the LUN being authorized has no prior authorizations, then we try to change the LUN ID automatically and retry the authorization.
    3. Improved error message when a LUN ID conflict cannot be automatically resolved; e.g. “SoftLayerAPIError(SoftLayer_Exception_Network_Storage_Group_AccessControlError_LunMappingConflict): Failed to authorize initiator SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest/50202410 to SoftLayer_Network_Storage/39624490 (lunId=0) because initiator is authorized to another LUN with same ID: SoftLayer_Network_Storage/39624486 (lunId=0)”
  • Modified the SoftLayer_Network_Storage::getTargetIpAddresses endpoint function, which is utilized by the ORM key callback for the iscsiTargetIpAddresses ORM key, so that it returns an empty array. This change should affect all non-iSCSI (non-block) storage volumes. When this function is called for non-iSCSI volumes, it will now return an empty array instead of throwing an error. No changes are expected for iSCSI (block) volumes, since the function overrides for getTargetIpAddresses as defined in the iSCSI-related sub-classes were not modified. (Note: A bug relating to calling getTargetIpAddresses on File Replicant volumes was also resolved. The override of getTargetIpAddresses was moved out of SoftLayer_Network_Storage_NetApp_Volume_Replicant and into SoftLayer_Network_Storage_NetApp_Volume_Replicant_Iscsi to accomplish this fix.)
  • Added SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::setTransientWebhook
  • Added SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::deleteTransientWebhook
  • Add Customer Permission for viewing software passwords
  • Increase the size of the key_name column of software account license to be able to handle license file content as well.
  • Fixed toggle method reference in SoftLayer_Account_Network_Vlan_Span documentation
  • Update description for SoftLayer_Hardware userData


  • Changed Netscaler VSI naming convention to avoid naming conflicts
  • Prevents disabled VSI network components from being attached to security groups
  • Improves ensuing that at order placement, hardware security modules are available in the location specified.
  • Defaults Ubuntu 16+ to HVM boot mode
  • Enabling security groups in FRA04
  • Add IBM Cloud Monitoring Service support for bare metal servers.
  • Only Transient guest that have both a URI and a Secret will attempt to send a webhook and give the customer 2 minutes before reclaiming.
  • Transient guests now have a 2 minute delay before reclaiming
  • Optimized HSM provisions.
  • Fixed software component maximum size for manufacturer license and activation code.
  • Enables provisioning of an HA Gateway Appliance with No OS
  • Enables provisioning of an HA Gateway Appliance with Ubuntu OS
  • Fixed an issue where apllying security groups in the following case would fail
    • Security Group A has a IPv6 rule that remotes Security Group B
    • Security Group B has member network components that do not have a IPv6 address