Release Note

June 14, 2018


  • Missing pending transaction details information during volume modification process. This change will allow customers to see the status of their ordered volume modification in portal
  • Improve order forms speed
  • Direct Link - Backend Edit related changes for control portal
  • Add localization of currencies and countries to order page currency selector.


  • Modify SoftLayer_Event_Log::getAllEventNames to return events names without brand references
  • Added pciDevices and pciDeviceAllocationStatus fields to the DedicatedHost object. These fields are mirrors of the underlying host.
  • Added max size to user data container description.
  • Add the account trait check on the necessary PPTP API calls


  • Fixed an issue where reloads with a guest that has supported boot mode / boot mode attributes do not reload with specified boot mode
  • Ensures cloud init attribute creation checks are only run when there is a primary block device to check against.