Release Note

June 29, 2018


  • Allow Master User to clear security questions for users on account.
  • Fix issue when ordering SSL certs for non-US organizational addresses that had a state
  • Updates to dedicated vsi and dedicated hosts order forms for encryption
  • Fixed an issue where a customer cannot delete the CDN service Billing Item from Customer Portal


  • The Permission/Resource change event log type should only show for the customer with the GENERATE_PERMISSION_REPORTS set.
  • Exposes the setupFeeDeferralMonths property for the SoftLayer_Billing_Invoice_Item service.
  • This release adds the class SoftLayer_Software_Description_Plesk to enable the new Plesk manufacturer
  • Updating mechanism for checking for platform services brand on account brand creation
  • Reverted defaulting simple ordering to suspend for hourly SAN. For now the only way for a customer to order suspend will be by using the placeOrder API and specifying the suspend packageId in the payload.
  • The current documentation for SoftLayer_Billing_Item::cancelItem ( describes that by default the function will cancel the item immediately, while actually cancelImmediately parameter is set to false by default. This release fixes the documentation for that method.


  • Fixed dedicated host scheduling issues which were allowing dedicate host orders in locations without sufficient capacity.
  • Once a subnet is authorized access to a storage volume, IP addresses included in that subnet will not need to be authorized again. When an IP address is authorized to access to a storage volume, the subnet that IP address belongs to cannot be authorized to access the volume unless the IP address host is revoked or each IP address is added individually.
  • Enable ordering of dedicated hosts with GPUs.
  • Evault Password enhancements.
  • Enables ordering dedicated host instances with GPUs.
  • When modifying the size or performance of a File or Block storage hosted on fast hardware, the new IOPS/GB ratio must be greater than or equal to 0.301. Similarly, when modifying storage hosted on lower performance hardware the new IOPS/GB ratio must be less than 0.301. The previous boundary was 0.300 which could not be satisfied for resizes on clusters that only have fast hardware. These pages should be updated to match:
  • Enables ordering dedicated host instances from an encrypted image template
  • This release will prevent customers from receiving old monitors notifications associated with a new customer’s server.
  • Relax the restriction that all IBMid/SoftLayer User links with a given username (destinationUserAlphanumericId) must have the same ibmIdUniqueIdentifier.