Release Note

July 6, 2018


  • Validation of EncryptedToken fails if the impersonating user is an brand agent
  • Remove invalid datacenters from fixed config bare metal order form
  • Allow non-empty COS Buckets to be placed for MDMS orders.


  • Duplicate firewall rules should not allowed to be added
  • A new property has been added to SoftLayer_Virtual_Disk_Image, isEncrypted. This value returns if the disk on the image is encrypted.


  • Fix the load balancer deletion failure which keeps the load balancer in delete_pending state after billing item gets cancelled.
  • Resolve issue where older OS addon software was added to an OS reload with newer OS addons.
  • Increase timeout value for running Network_Gateway_Configure transaction
  • Modify HSM Provision Workflow to try to automatically assign a server