Release Note

July 13, 2018


  • Update ReCAPTCHA to version 2
  • Added functionality for legacy, non-email formatted IBMids to be persisted during account creation.
  • Customer created tickets that have managed hardware should route to the managed services queue.
  • Improve order form load time for uncached packages
  • Fix issue where states for countries that are not US or Canada were failing on SSL certificate orders.
  • Data centers should now be shown for bare metal servers in all portals
  • Multiple usability updates for order forms


  • Fixed a bug that was causing customer power strip power cycle API calls to fail.
  • Fixing a bug where the firewall validator was not checking for existing firewalls on hardware servers correctly.
  • This affects the APIs allowAccessFromHost and allowAccessFromHostList for Block volumes. While these two API have been returning SoftLayer_Network_Storage_Allowed_Host[], the “assignedVolumes” element ( type SoftLayer_Network_Storage_Iscsi_NetApp) did not contain an updated lunId. (The lunId can now be updated internally whenever there is a clash with another volume’s lunId)
  • Provided SLDN Documentation for SoftLayer_Virtual_Disk_Image::getAvailableBootModes()
  • Move Vyatta, Brocade, and ATT Software Descriptions out from GPL class path.
  • Restrict customers from accessing terminated account licenses.
  • When the parent user does not have HARDWARE_VIEW permission, the child users should NOT be able to access to the hardware. So does the DH, and VSI.


  • Add support for M.2 SATA drives.
  • Corrected phone assignment during BluePages lookup
  • Added validation for boot mode and supported boot modes when set by createFromExternalSource