Release Note

July 20, 2018


  • Fixed numerical format for a variety of currencies.
  • Fix an issue that would’ve incorrectly determined a promotion as not meeting location requirements for certain configurations.
  • Fixes a bug that allowed users to select an irrelevant datacenter when ordering CDN. The datacenter selection did not break the order, it was just ignored. This fix clears up possible confusion.


  • Relaxed validation rules for the country state field on account creation which was erroneously made more restrictive in a recent release.
  • Added validation for boot mode and supported boot mode attributes when editing image templates.
  • Updated HVM guest check to include customer-supplied HVM images with the boot mode set.
  • Adding a new API method to allow customers to enable/disable IPMI. SoftLayer_Hardware_Server:: toggleManagementInterface()


  • Added new status for MDMS Requests, ‘DEVICE_ASSIGNED’, and modified functionality for transitioning of a request from device assigned to prepping device.
  • Improved boot mode logging for virtual disk import.
  • Remove time-between last upgrade/downgrade validation check for File/Block storage