Release Note

July 27, 2018


  • Public changes to our WWW order form to improve the experience when applying promo codes to an order
  • Fix an issue where pricing was not properly filtered based on other order form selection
  • Update redirect to control for login to a HTTP code 302


  • Prevent fatal error when loading active usage prices
  • Fix rule validator for IPv6 addresses when creating firewall rules
  • When a .vhd or .iso file is imported the API should not allow any encryption parameter to be specified. If the user specified encryption fields with a .vhd or .iso the API should return an exception.
  • Update SoftLayer API documentation for SoftLayer_Network_Component, as SoftLayer_Network_Subnet::getNetworkComponent link causes a 404.
  • Fixed an issue with SoftLayer_Network_Storage_Iscsi::createSnapshot not immediately creating a snapshot in some cases.
  • Improved query used in SoftLayer_Network_SecurityGroup::getSupportedDataCenters


  • When a NetScaler device delete is attempted the delete may fail because the SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest is being referenced in the accounts “applicationDeliveryControllers”. This causes the NetScaler device to remain on the accounts Device List but no actions are available.