Release Note

August 3, 2018


  • Fixed currency translations on the order page.
  • Fix a bug that was preventing discounts from being properly applied to certain promos with special configuration rules.
  • Updates the logo on invoices (pdf and Excel) from IBM Bluemix to IBM Cloud.
  • Add Learn More link to Checkout page next to SSH keys label.
  • Update order forms to support new Archive metrics for Cloud Object Storage.
  • Allow customers to subscribe or unsubscribe unplanned incidents and maintenance events per severity level. Add sev3 and sev4 to unplanned. Expand severity to planned (high, med, low) and announement(major, minor) move to new subscription system depends on email template associated to each severity. thus providing a granular control.


  • Fixed an issue with SoftLayer_Event_Log::getAllObjects not returning correct number of results when using a resultLimit with Permission change log results.
  • Fixed an issue with the permission change log, where if an add/remove action was performed shortly after each other, the log would show add/add instead of add/remove.
  • Permission logs with deleted groups were not displayed on the event log API.
  • Introduce IMS APIs to configure load balancer L7 policies


  • Improved transaction creation process, making it overall faster.
  • Improved Reset Provisioning Times for HSM provisions
  • Improved reclaim process.