Release Note

August 15, 2018


  • Pre-select the first host in the Dedicated Hosts table when ordering a DH.


  • Correct validation when creating a quote
  • Event logs for 2FA status change
  • Adding the ability for customers to delete tags.
  • Add check for SOAP request call to prevent commit in customer’s removeSecurityAnswers method.
  • Added ability to filter Event_Logs based on username resultLimit=0,100& objectFilter={"eventName":{"operation":"Permission/Resource change"}, "label":{"operation":"sl205-mb-test02"}}
  • Fix bug to not allow editing of ‘name’ and ‘category’ in SoftLayer_Network_Gateway.
  • Removed FORUM_PASSWORD from SoftLayer_User_Customer


  • Fix issue where disk controller limits were incorrectly enforced on bare metal orders.
  • Performance improvement when fetching tax calculations.
  • Firewall names longer than 255 characters will be truncated to 255 characters.