Release Note

August 24, 2018


  • Fix bug that allows SL customer to change password via direct soap request without providing appropriate security question parameters.
  • API orders from quote now properly validate the quote status
  • Refactors and updates the getWebCcAuthenticationDetails
  • Disabled auto registration of a subnet during subnet assignment. SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration::createObject will validate the detailReferences(SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Details), and network properties to better detect and error on conflicts. SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration::createObjects was added to enable creation of multiple registrations for the provided detailReferences(SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Details). Updated documentation for both endpoints.
  • add a SUSPENDED_BILLING attribute on SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest_Attribute_Type so that customers can identify a suspendable VSI


  • Enable upgrades / downgrades for Dedicated Host Instances w/ GPUs
  • Add new updated software description vendor product codes for Veeam via migration.