Release Note

September 20, 2018


  • Remove SSH keys and provision scripts from the checkout page in
  • Fix an issue preventing the ordering of Multi-VLAN Firewalls.


  • Prevent ticket generation for order placed through Direct Link API service and sort the vlan list before assigning the next vlan for a provider.
  • Direct Link: Allow Deletion of connection only of Connection is deleted from Equinix side
  • Deprecate the SoftLayer_Ticket_Survey class
  • Added SoftLayer_Network:isConnectedToPrivateEndpointService() with a return of a bool.
  • Provides a new order container that provides users with the ability to order reserved capacities.
  • Added Reserved_Capacity features


  • Enable http2 support for LBaaS front-end protocol
  • Added support for custom IBMid usernames on Service and Solutions Provider enrollments.