Release Note

October 18, 2018


  • “Manage Reserved Capacity Groups” permissions is now visible from viewUser account page.


  • Include each price’s item attributes in the response from verifyOrder and placeOrder API calls
  • Add EventLog Types for Security Question Answers
  • Add Event Logs for Security Question and Answers
  • Add Event Logs for External Binding Edit
  • Fixed an issue where more VSIs than the maximum were able to be provisioned inside a placement group.
  • API Authentication Edit EventLog metaData is now an array
  • Fix SoftLayer_Virtual_ReservedCapacityGroup::occupiedInstances bug
  • Added SoftLayer_Network:connectPrivateEndpointService()
  • Added SoftLayer_Network:disconnectPrivateEndpointService()
  • Added an order_by to the networkDevice key so that the A side of the router would show on querries rather than B side
  • Add UEFI Supported attribute to Hardware_Component_Model.


  • Add “VIEW_CUSTOMER_SOFTWARE_PASSWORD” as a brand agent permission
  • Removing All Device Access no longer requires the VPN_MANAGE permission
  • Remove setting of os software data from physical license register when it is a reload with no new software. This prevents the OS from being updated on a reload.
  • Autogenerated IBMID creation no longer puts spaces in usernames
  • Direct Link: Create, Edit and Delete Optimization
  • Changes the word “ticket” to “case” in all emails and automated ticket updates