Release Note

November 2, 2018


  • Add SoftLayer_Hardware_Server::isVirtualPrivateCloudNode
  • Defaulting simple ordering ( SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::createObject()) to suspend for hourly SAN based VSIs
  • Added SoftLayer_Hardware_Server::getBootModeOptions(). The boot mode options are dependent on the firmware installed on the server. It will always return at least [“BIOS”] or [“BIOS”, “UEFI”] for web servers. If the server is not a web server (e.g. HSM), return an empty list.


  • Fixed an issue where some reserved instance guests were not showing up in SoftLayer_Account::getVirtualGuests()
  • Adds a requirement for customers to have the same level of permissions to order a reserved capacity as is currently required to order virtual and hardware servers.