Release Note

November 16, 2018


  • For capacity restricted pricing that is billed with usage, return the correct usage pricing when verifying and placing orders.
  • Control Portal Login Redirects in domains
  • Fix redirect error for


  • Fix edge case for rule validation that would mistakenly determine an item was conflicting when the given item was NOT being upgraded.
  • IBM Cloud CDN - Hotlink protection configurable through API to prevent unauthorized use of a CDN’s content
  • Remove the PPTP_VPN_ALLOWED trait from all customer accounts
  • Fixed an issue causing SoftLayer_User_Customer::addBulkPortalPermission to timeout
  • Added methods to allow Brand Agents and Brand Managers the ability to disable accounts
  • Premium VLANs are now available to order, or upgrade to. See the ‘Network’ category for ordering. Upgrading is currently only available via the API, see SoftLayer_Network_Vlan.upgrade for usage information.


  • Add new micro guest type
  • Block storage volumes will no longer restrict between Windows versions, now “Windows 2003”, “Windows 2008+”, “Windows GPT”, and “Hyper-V” are all compatible.