Release Note

January 31, 2019


  • Two translation keys are not shown correctly when an sub user with ES language places a Bare Metal Server order from Manage portal


  • SoftLayer_Account::getEvaultNetworkStorage will now properly allow objectFilters using billingItem ids. Previously any filters on this method using a billing item would return empty result.
  • SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::removeTag will return False if a tag could not be found to remove, previously this would return True
  • Fixed a bug preventing users who have migrated to IBMid being only able to see tags of hardware that their user or sub users have created. Users with the HARDWARE_DETAILS permission should now be able to see all hardware tags.
  • Skip validation when setting an autoscale group to suspended.
  • Implemented SoftLayer_Virtual_PlacementGroup_Rule::getAllObjects and exposed to the SLDN and internal API


  • Added the ability to order Windows VSIs from an image template with more than 1 CPU/1GB
  • LBaaS - Patch for MZR subnet filtering
  • When a customer deletes an auto-scale group member which causes an insufficient capacity error, it doesn’t incorrectly inform them that the cancellation could not be processed.
  • Send the password expired notification to customer when the expired date is exactly 3 days or 7 days or 14 days.