Release Note

February 8, 2019


  • IAM User Management editor Role is now able to add VPN only user
  • Show suspend usage rates as hourly fees in order email
  • Replaces Bluemix URLs in email templates with IBM Cloud URLs
  • Fixed html being sent as plain text in notification emails.


  • Update SLDN doc for Customer::createObject


  • Restore ability to enable IPMI ports in select pods
  • Fix bug that would’ve prevented duplicate volume orders with an IOPS to space ratio of 0.3 IOPS per GB.
  • Fix bindVlan for LBaaS provisions
  • Fixed an issue preventing users with only IAM User Management that are not able to add an ACTIVE user on a linked account to Bluemix


  • VMware vSAN ReadyNode is now GA (packageId = 1053)
  • Create a catalog line item for Caveonix in pkg 907
  • Added Micro VSI U1.4x8
  • Add redundant power supply (50221 / 469) to the order form for the following packages (all 1U) - 837 (Skylake dual proc), 911 (Kabylake 1270), 551 (Broadwell dual proc), 253 (Haswell dual proc), 257 (Haswell 1270). 1091 Cascade dual proc)
    • Conflict the redundant power in the following DC’s that cannot handle it for the most part: AMS01, AMS03, DAL01, DAL05, DAL06, DAL07, DAL08, DAL09, FRA02, HKG02, HOU02, LON02, MEX01, MEL01, MIL01, MON01, PAR01, SEA01, SJC01, SNG01, SYD01, TOK02, TOR01, WDC01, WDC03