Release Note

March 8, 2019


  • Added some missing translations for the checkout page


  • Cleanup SoftLayer_User_Permission_Resource when there are no groups referencing it.
  • Refactored SoftLayer_Network_Storage_Hub_Swift_Metrics::getSummaryData to use improved data source.
  • Deprecate the allowedPptpVpnQuantity property on the Account.class
  • Deprecate the pptpVpnAllowedFlag on the Customer.class
  • Update implementation of getAllObjects() on SoftLayer_User_Customer_Status
  • Fix User_Customer_Status and Locale_Timezone SLDN exposed getAllObjects to return properly if request is REST
  • Soap response restructuring - When the API fetches no results for virtual guest the soap response should not send empty collection


  • Fix issue delaying provisioning of HSM offerings.
  • Don’t overwrite master user IP address restriction when completing IBMid linking.
  • Direct Link: Restrict local-only routing tenants to local markets.
  • Finalize deprecation of subnet item specification during VLAN ordering. VLAN orders with a subnet item specified will begin emitting an error; the compatibility period is over.
  • Fix major bug regarding image template transactions
  • Correct price validation on OS reloads with multiple prices in the same category
  • Magnetic storage replicant provisions currently fail in production from trying to choose flash drives instead. This issue implements logic to re-include magnetic aggregates.


  • Allows ordering of Bare Metal Reserved servers. ( Package 837, Preset 984 )

  • Provide support for hourly pricing of SAP certified infrastructure

  • Pricing Update: 7.68TB SATA SSDs

  • Preset 985 vCS Digital Play 6.7 in the 1075 package

  • Add hourly billing to the following presets in package 1075. Presets 931, 933, 935, 937, 939.

  • Default category for the M.2 Drive needs to be changed to something other than disk0 (First Hard Drive) as it inhibits the assignment for up to 12 storage bays.

  • Replicate preset 929 in package 1075 and change the VMware OS from 6.5u1 to 6.7u1 in the new preset.

  • Hourly pricing for HSM

  • Rename VMware Server Virtualization 6.7 & add Price IDs to existing packages

  • New Packages Details

    Package ID Package Type Package Name
    1105 1U / 2 Socket Dual Intel Xeon Processor Cascade Lake Scalable Family (4 Drives)
    1107 2U / 2 Socket Dual Intel Xeon Processor Cascade Lake Scalable Family (12 Drives)
  • New Presets:

    ID Description Key Name
    533 DGold 6140 384GB 4X960GB SSD SED RAID 10 DGOLD_6140_384GB_4X960GB_SSD_SED_RAID_10
    785 DSilver 4110 96GB 1X960GB SSD SED NoRAID DSILVER_4110_96GB_1X960GB_SSD_SED_NORAID