Release Note

March 22, 2019


  • When ordering from quotes, it is no longer possible to select a different country or currency than what the quote was generated with. The order was always ordered from the original quote, this only affects the interface.
  • Correct being able to select hourly hardware security modules when ordering.


  • Fixed a bug in which erroneous input to Server.toggleManagementInterface could cause the generation of transactions which did nothing.
  • Force volume modification of magnetic to not unselect magnetic clusters
  • Improve performance of removeHardwareAccess methods
  • Return correct authenticationKey from SoftLayer_User_Customer_ApiAuthentication::editObject method
  • SL_Storage_Allowed_Host exposing additional orm key iscsiAclCredentials.
  • Created imported disk image type key


  • Added support for vmdk images for ICOS
  • Prevents hardware upgrades on Bare Metal Reserved servers.
  • Fixed an issue where users using the getSummaryData API may experience time outs when querying large VDRs