Release Note

August 2, 2019


  • Create new Software_Description HSM_OS attribute type


  • Do not require postal code for ARIN addresses outside US & Canada
  • Fix accepting Master User invitation on account linked at create time
  • Fixed an issue upgrade GPU enabled VSIs
  • Prevents ordering GPU’s when provisioning from an image template set to boot in PV.


  • Adding a category code for dynamic CDN bandwidth.
    • cdn_service_dynamic_bandwidth
    • cdn_service_dynamic_bandwidth_usage
  • Add 500GB Bandwidth option to package 1111
  • Update Single Node Preset 1051 in package 1075 with updated pricing
  • Create rule to conflict Windows 2019 and vCenter 6.7
  • Add the CXL 4210 server to package 1111
  • Add ESXi 6.5u2 to package 1065
  • Expand Global Availability of vGPU (FRA, TOK, SYD)
  • Update catalog package 1113 for Cascade Lake 2U 4 socket server