Release Note

August 16, 2019


  • Fix issue preventing orders from completing for new EU customers.
  • Fix the payment method disappearing when selecting PayPal, leaving the user unable select another payment method.


  • Adds SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::getPendingMaintanceActions()
  • Added ability to skip platform account creation and linking when using the SoftLayer_Brand::createCustomerAccount API
  • Exposed gpuType and gpuCount on the SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest class
  • Add iamidVerificationFlag to SoftLayer_User_Customer_Link
  • Allow gateway orders to define the router id on the hardware template object. "hardware": [ { "hostname": "softlayer", "domain": "", "primaryBackendNetworkComponent": { "router": { "id": 1076595 } } } ],


  • Fix evault creations on new server provisions
  • IBM Cloud CDN - Deny the http traffic if customer only chooses the https port.
  • Fixed an issue where a user upgrades or downgrades a Variable Compute VSIs from API or UI the VSI changes its type from “Variable Compute” to public Type.
  • Fixes VSI/BM provisions with evault to complete.
  • Http Cookie Persistence support for Cloud Load Balancer
  • EMS maintenance email improvements
  • Fix failing health check for https l7 pool