Release Note

December 12, 2019


  • Name of dedicated host device is displayed correctly in ServiceNow case


  • SoftLayer_Account::getCurrentTicketStatisticsGraph has been marked deprecated. This method no longer returns binary image data of the account ticket statistics.
  • Allow brand agent users to select a subject when escalating a ticket.
  • Add graceful handling of bad order data when StaaS orders are missing prices for an entire category.
  • Customer removeExternalBinding exceptions return Customer class rather than Binding class
  • Fixed bug in SoftLayer_Brand::createCustomerAccount API where an empty postal code was causing an incorrect validation error for countries that do not require a postal code. This will not change validation for US/Canada and will allow an empty postal code through if the country does not require postal codes.


  • Fixes an issue that is currently causing long provisioning times in VPC Block Storage, related to INC1651618
  • Corrected an issue where LUNs may go offline when garbage collection happens at a lower rate on the shared storage device due to increased workloads.
  • Adding order functionality for dependent duplicate volumes.
  • Fix issue where a retention disk could not be added when reloading the operating system on some dedicated host VSIs.
  • Fix issue preventing VSI OS reloads.