Release Note

January 31, 2020


  • Corrects an error thrown when displaying closed alarms in the customer portal.


  • SoftLayer_Account::getCurrentBackupStatisticsGraph has been marked deprecated. This method no longer returns binary image data of the account backup statistics.
  • Allow clone conversion dependent to independent calls in Network_Storage class.
  • SoftLayer_User_Customer minimumPasswordHours/secondaryPasswordTimeoutDays will not allow a NULL value.
  • Provide SoftLayer_Network_Storage::getVolumeCountLimits to allow customers to view their storage account limits
  • SoftLayer_Account::networkCreationFlag deprecation notice.
  • Fixed an issue when calling SoftLayer_User_Customer::createObject


  • Fixed BAP Agent updates not showing in tickets
  • Fixed an issue preventing customers from attaching hardware to tickets.
  • Corrects errors with missing or canceled billing items during OS reloads.
  • Set users to SUSPENDED status when link is noted as expired.
  • Use SUSPENDED state for users when disabling an account
  • new IAMID_INVALID (1006) state for SoftLayer_User_Customer.