Release Note

June 12, 2020


  • SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::createArchiveTransaction and SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::createArchiveTemplate will return a Image template, and not a transaction
  • Network_Subnet::setTags() and Network_Subnet::tagReferences
  • UTF-8 support for SoftLayer_Network_Subnet and SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_IpAddress note fields.
  • Deprecate RWHOIS service & SWIP based Registrations. See RIR Registrations and RWhois deprecation notice for more information. The following have been removed.
    • Account::getRwhoisData()
    • Network_Subnet::getSwipTransaction()
    • Network_Subnet::activeSwipTransaction()
    • Network_Subnet::findAllSubnetsAndActiveSwipTransactionStatus()
    • Network_Subnet::getRwhoisData()
    • Network_Subnet::createSwipTransaction()
    • Network_Subnet_Rwhois_Data (all)
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction (all)


  • Bug fix for live migration SWAP disk coalescing issues.
  • Enables ordering and reloading bare metal servers with an image template.
  • Added the list of modified fields on User_Customer objects to the event logs so it can be viewed by the customers