Release Note

June 19, 2020


  • Implement disabledSnapshot for Block and File volume replicas

  • Prevent detach of local disks for VSIs greater than 300GB

    • Exception:
    <faultstring>Disk capacity exceeds the maximum size eligible for portability on local storage and can not be detached.</faultstring>
  • Fixed an issue causing fixed configurations to not handle disk controller limits properly.

    • When verifying or placing an order, fixed configuration presets will populate the storageGroups property on server order containers with those defined by their preset, rather than remaining empty. Verifying an order now does not fail if the storageGroups property is set when a fixed configuration preset is also provided. Any storage groups will be ignored in favor of the preset’s.
    • The order response will now contain the fixed config preset’s storage groups on verifyOrder and placeOrder responses.


  • Remove advanced monitoring/nimsoft as a requirement for managed services servers