Release Note

June 26, 2020


  • Begins the process of deprecating bandwidth related SLDN endpoints on the SoftLayer_Account and SoftLayer_Network_Bandwidth_Version1_Allotment class that are no longer being supported.
  • fixes bug in ordering fixed config presets with both core and processor restricted prices


  • Volume name were not appearing in the snapshot capacity warnings.
  • Fixed an issue preventing device from be added on a BAP account when added from the Support Center
  • Fixed a bug with migrating dedicated host that have no guests attached.
  • Prevent live migrations for VPC, Netscaler, Reserved Capacity, and Encrypted Disk guests


  • Ensure getting upgrade prices for hardware and virtual server upgrades includes the currently-billed fees, rather than the listed catalog fees.
  • Fixed an issue where “update order received” and “order being reviewed” emails were not showing local currencies.
  • Fix issue preventing some forms of SAP Certified hardware orders.